Setting off 2018 in true DENG style, Vines Bar will be swinging through the Jungle vibes and taking your minds to a different level.

This time they are teaming up with Payback Promotions. They are based in Birmingham and have seen the largest and best roster for Jungle DJs & MCs in the world. Some names to say the least are Aries, Nicky Blackmarket, Jacky Murda, GOLD Dubs, General Levy, Ray Keith, Top Buzz, Tango & Ratty, Chopstick Dubplate, Born on Road, Ragga Twins, Top Cat, Spyda, Det, Navigator and so so many more. You guys better be ready for some of the crew to be bouncing through with ONLY the best Jungle sounds coming straight out the speakers.

On top of that Vines have some custom decor being provided by none other than TEKONTA!

Tekonta hail from Nottingham and are seriously on top of their game. They provide incredible decor ranging from custom psychedelic artwork to custom DJ booth design to their own sound-to-light installations dubbed “aktiv UV”. If you went to the Halloween event at Vines then you’ll know exactly how it goes down when they link up with these guys.

Get ready for one of the biggest Jungle lineups Derby has seen for a very long time….


Vines Bar
DE1 3nq
01332 367567