Darley Abbey Cider are an artisan cider producer base in the Derbyshire village of Darley Abbey.

Everything begun in March 2016 when they set up Darley abbey Cider Company Ltd, to realise a dream of producing great-tasting artisan cider using locally grown apples. That was not just about making great local cider but about creating a recognisable brand with a strong community ethos.

In 2018 their cider was made from over 40 varieties of apples.

Using different types of apples each year, the flavour of their cider is different. But, while the taste changes, from year to year, their artisan approach and ethos remains the same.

Darley Abbey Cider Company also offers different ways to the customers to get involved in their product. The first one, is offering them a good drink made in an artisan way ready to drink in any occasion. The second one, is allowing the customers to get involved in their business by donating apples.


Image of donated apples used to make cider in March 2019.


Their bottled and draught ciders is stocked in local stores, farm, shops, bars, restaurants and sports clubs across Derbyshire and Staffordshire.


Image of their bottled and draught ciders.

To find out more information about Darley Abbey Cider Company I would like to invite you to visit their web page and Facebook page.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DarleyAbbeyCider/?ref=page_internal

Webpage: https://www.darleyabbeycider.co.uk/home.html