What’s the big deal about cleansing?

Yes, we know that you know you should cleanse your face morning and night. And yes, we know that you know you should never sleep in your makeup. You probably have a seriously nice cleanser sitting in your bathroom right now…but are you using it properly and what’s the big deal about cleansing anyway?

So why is cleansing one of the most important parts of your skincare routine?

Think of all the things we put on our skin…serums, moisturisers, sunscreens, makeup…then all the things we are exposed to on a daily basis, like pollution, secondary cigarette or vape smoke, and all the other nasties floating about in the air…THEN consider that your skin secretes sweat and grease and has dead skin cells which needs a helping hand with their removal. So you see why cleansing is so important but now let’s see if you’re getting the most from your products and doing it right.

Face Wipes

They’re quick, convenient and easy to use. But what do you use to cleanse what they leave on your skin? The vast majority of wipes are packed with chemicals which are really not skin friendly at all. Our verdict? Give the cleansing wipes a wide berth. Avoid!

Cleanse Skin until it is Squeaky Clean?

If you have oily skin, the common mistake is to use harsh astringent lotions and cleansers to strip away the oils leaving the skin ‘squeaky clean’. What has actually happened is the skin’s natural barrier function is impaired, leaving the skin ‘thinking’ there is not enough oil so it actually produces more to compensate! Vicious cycle! Our verdict? Avoid squeaky.

Extreme Temperatures

Steam is not good for the skin. Surprised? Here’s the thing…steam encourages blood circulation to the surface of the skin, which is good to a degree, but it can also cause excess vasodilation of small capillaries on the face and can result in sensitised skin and broken or thread veins on the skin.
Our verdict? For deep cleansing, try a galvanic facial instead such as Guinot Hydradermie

Over Cleansing

Don’t be tempted to scrub and over exfoliate your skin. You can cause sensitised skin and adversely react to your normal products if you do this. Our verdict? Use an exfoliant just once a week, like an enzyme based mask that uses ingredients like pumpkin enzyme to munch away at dead skin cells rather than crunch away with harsh, abrasive scrubs.

Treatment Cleansers

Some cleansers carry quite a hefty price tag, which can seem like a waste of money but very often you are paying for what isn’t in the product almost as much as what is. This is because in your cheaper cleansing products, there are very often unpleasant and unnecessary chemicals, artificial fragrances and mineral oils, like soft white paraffin or liquidinum paraffinium which is a cheap ingredient for the manufacturer to use, and can cause sensitivity, irritation and breakouts. Our verdict? Always check the ingredients list. Less is so often more.

Cleansing Brushes…Worth the Hype?

Sonic cleansing brushes are an efficient, effective way of removing the dirt, grime, makeup and pollution from your skin. They leave the skin exfoliated and thoroughly cleansed without using gritty particles or harsh products.They also boost the lymph drainage of the skin, helping to reduce puffiness, aiding your bodies natural waste disposal system. Some brushes have heads with bristles which can be abrasive and are difficult to clean afterwards.
There are so many to choose from and they are a real investment for your skin so it’s wise to do your research. You know how you would never go back to a manual toothbrush after using an electric one…well, the same goes for cleansing brushes. There are some pretty cheap brushes available on the market too but beware, their heads may rotate only in one direction, which can be harsh on more sensitive skins. Consider whether they are waterproof and can be used while in the shower. Finally, consider how easy they are to clean the heads from a hygiene point of view. Our verdict? Try the Lumi Spa, winner of 2018 Pure Beauty’s Most Innovative Product. It’s waterproof, so you can use it in the shower, it’s twin rotating head is silicon with added extract of silver, which is antibacterial, and it can also be used on the body. Great for bacne, cellulite and keratosis pilaris, ommonly known as chicken arms! Get in touch for more info and we’ll organise you a free demo.

Here to Help

At Face Up we don’t just conduct a consultation for salon facial treatments, we also offer them for specific skin concerns, skincare reviews and use of home care products. Don’t forget, we always KISS…Keep It Simple Sweetie! Give us a call and let’s have a chat.


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