Buckso Dhillon Woolley. That’s my full name, yes that IS my actual name!

Actor, Singer, Public Speaker, Resilience Coach and Mentor.
Currently based in the Midlands, married to Nic and mum to twins.

Dividing my time between London and Derbyshire makes for a more versatile lifestyle!

A journey that took me from my parents corner shop to the West end of a London stage gave me my fair share of “experiences” shall we say and as a result of this, im probably a bit of an expert at this resilience malarkey.

So I decided to take the name Resilience Queen, bestowed upon me by friends, with a view to coaching others in the techniques I had to, and still do use, in order to keep “bouncing back” from life’s little “setbacks”.

In fact…

I have 7.5 tips on how YOU might do this yourself!




Aspiring Business women


Now Buckso has taken another role in her already busy schedule to help support and promote local business women in Derby, as group leader for a Derby network group “Aspiring Business women”

Aspiring Business Women launched in Nottingham in April 2014 and is now active in Derby, all of whom are self-employed business women who believe in the power of networking to make their businesses grow quicker and stronger. Being self-employed can be a lonely place and Buckso along with Aspiring Business Women brings together local ladies wanting to learn, share and develop with other like-minded women.