Summer is here and we need to take advantage of the few sunny days we get. It’s time to get in the shed and fight your way to the back to dig out the Barbie or nip to the local shop and grab one for a couple of quid. It’s a rare occasion so create your facebook events and your whatsapp groups to sort out who is bringing the buns, the burgers and the beers.

Whether you have a charcoal barbecue or you have the top of the range gas grill, “barbecuing” it’s all about having a great time with family and friends.Check out some IM SAVVY tips on how to get the most out of your BBQ! Without a trip to A&E

1 Gas or charcoal?

Personally charcoal is for me, from a taste perspective you get that smoky flavour. As for gas, it is a lot quicker, cleaner and easier to control but you may as well cook it in the oven! So if it’s flavour it’s got to be charcoal.

2 It’s got to be hot!

Get the Barbie hot so that you can scrape off the remnants of the last time you used it (wire brush needed). It’s a lot easier to do this when the grill is hot. Before cooking make sure the coals are grey and glowing, this is when the heat is at it’s hottest and the best time to cook.A top tip is to put the coals to one side so that you have a hot side and one without direct heat!

3 Prepare the food

To get the best taste from your meat marinade it the night before and keep it in the fridge overnight ready to use, there are lots of marinades from supermarkets ready to use! You can use the marinade whilst the food is cooking to give that extra flavour.

4 No to meat? No problem!

Whether you are a vegan or vegetarian there is still plenty of options for you at a barbecue. Why not grab yourself some personal preferences from your local on your way over and join in the fun!

5 Staying Safe

Some might find the topic of safety boring, but it is an absolutely essential to keep safety in the forefront of your mind when cooking outside. Singed beards and fringes are not a good look, so be careful especially when you’re lighting a fire of any kind, you need to take into account the strength and angle of the flame, and using petrol on an open flame is never a good idea!Make sure the food is thoroughly cooked, the last thing you want to do is poison your friends (We hope)!

6 Keep the barbecue in the shed and eat out instead!

If for some reason barbecuing in your garden seems like too much hassle, don’t worry as there are a number of places in Derby that offer outdoor dining experiences, with a fantastic level of ambience, and deliver the perfect grilled dish whilst you enjoy the warm summer breeze and chat with friends.

Regardless of whether you’re in your own back yard or out and about in Derby, enjoy and have fun this summer!

Written By
Faiser Ali