On Sunday 4th August 2019 Derby Live and Derby Parks have hosted an outdoor cinema event playing Bohemian Rhapsody. This event will start at 9.p.m and finish at 11:30.p.m, and it is located at Markeaton Park – Craft Village.

In addition to this, the event will last up to four days’: Thursday 1st August, Friday 2nd August, Saturday 3rd August, and Sunday 4th August. This movie is certified 12a so anyone can tag along regardless if its friends or family or yourself. Please beware that it contains moderate sex references, drug references and infrequent strong language so it may not be suitable for children. The tickets however are priced at £13.50 per person, and if you purchase your ticket before 31st May you can save £1.50 off the standard price.

Furthermore, at this event, you are advised to bring your own seat as there will not be enough seats to provide for every customer. The movie will last approximately 2 hours 15 minutes. Catering will be included but hot and cold drinks and food will be limited for availability during the movie. It is recommended to pre-order your food options with your tickets as your choice will be secured.

The food they will offer you is a pizza platter with garlic bread and chunky chips for £10.50, this does not include a drink. You are also eligible to have outdoor tea or coffee with a meat or vegetarian sandwich selection and 2 slices of cake for £10.50. Bohemian Bellini is £4.95. If you are an alcoholic a selection of wines, beers and spirits will be available and for non-alcoholics you will have a range of soft drinks to choose from.

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Telephone: 01332 255443

Email: derbylive@derby.gov.uk