Biking: it’s all about the Ride!

Whether you’re an adrenaline junky looking for the perfect thrill of an off-road downhill ride, or someone who wants a steady and leisurely cycle that the whole family can enjoy, there are a number of ways getting on your bike can give you what you need. In fact, you don’t have to venture too far to find the right route as there are a lot of relatively local tracks to get that heart pumping, get fit and have a great day out! I’m Savvy has put together a list of some great local cycling locations and a summary of what makes them special!

Tissington Trail

The Tissington Trail runs along a 13-mile route from Ashbourne to Parsley Hay

Cycle hire is available in Ashbourne at the start of the trail. (01335 343156)

The trail is not too strenuous to cycle along, with mostly very gentle gradients


Carsington Water- 7 Miles (12 Km)

Route follows a trail around Carsington Water in Ashbourne

Features a visitors centre and cycle hire

Several woodland and shoreline sections with wonderful views

A beautiful lake with fantastic bird watching spots

Chase Trails

Chase Trails is a local volunteer group set up over 10 years ago

A variety of tracks and trail for serious downhill MTB’s and families

There are 3 cycle trails at the Chase designed for leisure cyclist and families (FREE to use)

Follow the Dog is a red graded 6.7-mile intermediate mountain bike trail aimed at competent mountain bikers

The Monkey Trail is an optional extension to Follow the Dog. Again it’s a red graded trail, but this time it’s a far more technically challenging and demanding trail

Stile Cop is the only dedicated site for downhill riding on Cannock Chase. With a total height drop of just 65 metres, the trails are limited to up to 1 minute but there’s a wide variety to keep riders busy. Full face helmets and suitable body armour are highly recommended. Always check the trails out before hitting them at speed.

Cloud Trail- 13 miles (21 Km)  

Virtually Traffic free route (NCN Route 6) between Derby and Worthington

Cycle along the smooth, well surfaced, impeccably flat paths, ideal for families.

Sights to see while on this route include the river Trent, the railway path and the iPro Stadium.

Clumber County Park- Numerous Routes

Contains over 3,800 acres of woodland, open heath and rolling farmland.

A stunning avenue of lime trees that runs alongside a beautiful lake  

Clean and clear trails that are safe and secure, absolutely ideal for families

Sherwood Pines- Numerous Routes

Fantastic trails and routes for all skill levels

Including a 3 mile family cycle route for those looking to cycle leisurely.

A challenging route for those wanting to test their skills and venture deep into the woods!

And a 45 miles of unmarked single track for those who possess moderate skill set.

Bakewell Loop- 9 Miles (15 km)

A relaxed short route that follows the Monsal Trail

Travelling through the Derbyshire countryside before returning to Bakewell

Spectacular views of the River Wye and the Peak District

Get Out and Get Biking!

Researched By Faiser Ali