Hoping to become Derby’s hottest export since Lara Croft, These Wicked Rivers are transmitters of muscular, riff-heavy Rock ‘n’ Roll that nods to everybody from Black Stone Cherry to Clutch and Soundgarden yet some way they manage to sound original and vital. Musically, they’re a well-oiled rock monster and in John Hartwell they have a frontman with a truly eternal, pleasingly gravelly rock voice.

The band comprises of; John Hartwell – Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar, Arran Day – Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals, Jon Hallam – Bass and Dan Southall – Drums.

The quartet formed in February 2014 and since making their live debut, they’ve progressively been gathering up praises for their gutsy live performances. They released their bravely titled debut EP ‘The Enemy’ in July 2015 that put their embryonic promise in the spotlight and really came into their own with the seven-track follow-up EP ‘II’, which was released in April 2017 and has given birth to the singles ‘When The War Is Won’ and ‘Testify’.

In November 2017, These Wicked Rivers released a single called “Should’ve Known Better”, a release with two tracks: “Should’ve Known Better” and “Foolin’ Mankind”. Both tracks on the single have their now distinctive sound that synchronizes powerful riffs with catchy hooks and solid rhythm sections. This double release is fair to say that they have hit on a great idea. The tracks complement each other and flow nicely when listened to back-to-back and there is no doubt that they sound eclectic live.

Since they began gigging in late 2014, they have steadily built a solid following in the East Midlands, playing many gigs, rallies and festivals to gather their following.

These Wicked Rivers performed at The Hairy Dog in Derby last December, 8 months after they had an EP Launch Party there. More recently they performed at the Off The Tracks Festival at Donington Park Farm on August 31st.