Metal Fatigue are a five-piece rock cover band based from Derby. Formed in 2011, the outfit were established on the back of a previous line-up which collapsed and eventually formed into what they are today. Over the years, there had been a few line-up changes but they are more or less the same with a different guitar player.

Metal Fatigue are a musical formation who are driven and inspired by their passion to play music that they admire but moreover, they create a good party atmosphere for those that go to see them. The band are a recreational outfit and they do not perform for profit. Their biggest compliment is that people often say they are ‘too cheap’, however they like to keep their fees consistent.

The original band members are Steve Fletcher, Kevin Roberts, Christian Doran Rhys Hickman and William Bateman, all of which contribute to the production of their overall sound.

Steve provides the vocals and is the frontman for Metal Fatigue, as he is the oldest member and a key to their successful marketing over the band’s history. He helps the outfit land nationwide gigs and festivals off the stage whilst moving the crowd and entertaining them with his versatile rock voice.

Next we have Kevin, who performs the rhythm guitar. He is often considered the glue that holds the band together. More so, as much a successful guitarist as he is, Kevin is also Metal Fatigue’s unofficial band manager, as he is responsible for

the success of their merchandise having sold over 500 shirts nationwide along with caps, plectrums, hoodies and loads more.

The third member is Christian who is what Metal Fatigue’s Rhys describes as an ‘explosive rock drummer with a vast knowledge of the genre’. He is known to intervene with other ands and also houses a creative input in the band’s famous jam sessions. These are often hosted by Metal Fatigue at ‘Legends of Rock Festival’ situated in Great Yarmouth, performing with other musicians on request with affluence. Furthermore, he is also accountable for organising the band’s rehearsals.

Next up is the fourth member: Rhys. Rhys is the technical director of Metal Fatigue and manages the live sound and equipment references with a huge history of sound engineering experience.

Lastly, the fifth and final member of Metal Fatigue is William, who performs lead guitar. He is described as the ‘star of the show’ who is a prodigy and widely regarded as one of the best young guitarists at the present moment. His flowing, technical soloing is what helps Metal Fatigue reach new heights, engaging the audience with his ability. He still has much to learn but one day he will most likely become professional.

Metal Fatigue’s upcoming gigs can be seen on their official Facebook page, with local dates on their calendar. Their recent performances include The Flowerpot, on August 4th and Donnington Park, on the 31st.