My name is Ruth and I’m the founder of the Three Bears Cookery Club. I live in Derby with my hubby and 3 girls.

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Ruth Chubb – Three Bears Cookery Club

The idea of offering Cookery Clubs for children came to me when my second daughter was about two years old, it was difficult to cook with them in our old house as it had such a small kitchen there just wasn’t enough surface space for them both to help. I thought how wonderful it would be able to take them to a cookery club, at the time there wasn’t really anything out there like this…. the idea was born!

I didn’t actually start the business until a year after we had moved back to Derby, I was desperate to get out of my corporate job and to spend some quality time with my youngest daughter before she started school like I had done with my other two daughters. So, I started Three Bears Cookery Club in July 2016 from my kitchen at first offering cookery clubs to pre-school aged children during the week and a mix of ages on a Sunday.

Having 3 children I realised the importance of them learning how to cook as they grow into young adults, like I had done with my mum and felt there wasn’t enough out there to teach children how to cook. My passion for cooking and baking all started when I was a child, I would always help my mum in the kitchen and loved it, I then went on to catering college after my GCSE’s which I absolutely loved!

“it’s so important for children to learn how to cook, it’s an important life skill that all children should have the opportunity to learn to give them the confidence in the kitchen”

Three years on I now have a small team of cookery club teachers, we run after school clubs in primary schools across Derby, holiday workshops and children’s birthday parties. I create all the recipes myself for the club, which my children love to help me with, in fact its probably one of my favourite things to do! Over the years I have developed the recipes and the structure of the clubs to support the cooking & nutrition curriculum.

The future plan for the business is to continue to grow and run more after school clubs in primary schools across Derbyshire and then to franchise the business so we can develop the brand nationally…. Watch this space!

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