We are SO excited and proud of what the future holds for all those superstar business supporters already taking advantage of being members of this social enterprise led initiative. The person we chose to head up this new initiative is local Actor, Motivational Speaker and Coach, Buckso Dhillon-Woolley who is our Head of Creative Media and PR, here at Savvy Women.

We invited Buckso, who continues to do Voiceover work and Speaking at large events around the UK, to work alongside us for the launch of Savvy Women, as we knew her connections within the media industry along with her reputation locally, would serve our social enterprise in a way no-one else would be equipped to do and therefore, knew she would be a huge asset to the business. So lets meet her!

“Im really looking forward to contributing to the success of this publication, as I saw the potential in it over 2 years ago when I first heard of Im Savvy. I suggested there and then to Duane, the Director, that he should consider doing a publication JUST for women in business as there was nothing out there like it, celebrating the successes and stories of Women in Business, within the East Midlands. This is not to be confused with the type of publications about life stories or business news, ours will chart the different elements of our members businesses and homelife highlighting those unique, individual points that we need in order to succeed in life never mind business, today. Hopefully this maybe can help inspire and motivate others out there, looking to make a change or enhance their own desires and ambitions.” Says Buckso. We believe wholeheartedly in her thoughts and plans she has in the pipeline for the future of Savvy Women and without giving too much away, there will be more facets the members can take advantage of, such as events, podcasts etc and maybe even our very own online Savvy Talkshow!

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Buckso’s most notable “gig” to date she says, would have to be Disney’s “Aladdin” feature film which she was very pleased to have a cameo role for, “most people asked me whether I got to meet Will Smith and yes, I did! But as im not THAT big a fan, I didn’t get too gooey-eyed over him. My thing was actually having Guy Ritchie directing us, it was brilliant to watch the way he worked compared to other Directors ive worked with” but shes equally proud of her accomplishments on the small screen, having been on ALL the soaps, bar one…and that’s Holby! Not to mention the year spent on the Westend of London playing a 60yr old “aunty-ji” in the stage MUSICAL “Bend it Like Beckham” where the man himself didn’t show, although his eldest son Brooklyn, did.

As you can imagine living life as Buckso does, within the world of TV and Media, time isn’t always on her side. No more so, than when she had her twins Ruben and Renaya, 17yrs ago. This wasn’t “planned” by any stretch of the imagination, she says, but it came to be the best thing that ever happened for her as it became the reason she fell into the world of Acting over a decade ago. “Life has this way of taking you down your path of purpose and although we dont see it for being THAT at the time, it will ALWAYS deliver. So ill say this as I end my intro, Whatever you feel is happening for you in life right now, be sure, its for a better day to come. Be it in a few months or a few years, that time WILL come”

Buckso is looking for women in business (sole traders or part of a larger organisation) to become a pioneering collective of women who share the same ethos when it comes to collaborating and championing those that are trying to make a difference in their lives. Get in touch at buckso@savvysocial.org today!