Dubrek Studios was founded in 2001 by owner Jay Dean; initially located in an old stable block at the back of The Victoria Inn where Jay worked as the venue’s promoter, the business has moved and expanded until reaching it’s current location at 6 Becket St. Derby.

Dubrek’s main focus over the years has been to provide a recording and rehearsal facility for a wide variety of musicians and has been home to many of Derby’s notable bands and has a long track record of producing hundreds of left field bands including Lords, Manatees, Unqualified Nurse Band, Joan As Police Woman…

After moving to Becket St two years ago the studio has diversified to become a venue, shop and art exhibition space. Shows are hosted every week mainly focusing on the underground, experimental and avante garde scenes in the UK and beyond with bands from as far away as Brazil performing in the studio’s live room. The shop sells spares and sundries for musicians along with Dubrek Audio Boutique guitar effects pedals which are hand made on site.

There is also a well stocked bar including a wide variety of craft ales. Every month the space is host to an artist who’s work is exhibited; usually marked by an opening event with an opportunity to meet the artist alongside experiencing some music which they have curated for the evening. In 2017 every show at the studio was recorded live to create a snapshot of the music underground. These recordings are available free of charge on the Dubrek Bandcamp page, each accompanied by an illustration by studio manager Danielle Cotterill.

In August the studio also opens as a cafe with food offer (mainly vegan and vegetarian) plus an outdoor space featuring a garden, seating and performance area. The opening of this is to be marked by a free entry all day event on Saturday 25th August which will showcase the studios facilities alongside a number of musicians, artists and DJ’s from Derby and Nottingham.

Later in 2018 Dubrek will be launching an online music channel to include livestreaming events, sessions from established artists plus online workshops and new music podcasts.

The aim of Dubrek is to become a community hub providing all round services for musicians and artists to help propagate a ‘scene’ in the city and hopefully bring a focal point where people can meet, exchange ideas and experience each others art in order to enhance Derby culture.


Dubrek Studios:
6 Becket St,

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Check them out on Bandcamp.