Born in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, grew up in Atherstone, Warwickshire. After 6th Form, studied Hair & Beauty at North Warwickshire College of Technology and Art.

After qualifying, I realised my options were a) working on cruise ships for Steiner; b) working for BBC in theatre makeup dept or c) working on a health farm. This is what Spa’s used to be called back in the day.

Day Spa’s and City Centre beauty salons hadn’t really emerged back in the 1980’s and the pay was awful!

So I decided to take a part time, temporary clerical job at the local district council offices. Roll the clock forward fifteen years, I’ve graduated and qualified as an accountant, am married and now living in Derby and have worked for the NHS, local government and in the private sector as a Group Finance Director in the construction industry.

Yet I’d always wanted to run my own business and, following a chance meeting with Yvonne, the owner of Face Up, to offer some professional business advice, I made a radical decision to resign from my finance role and join Face Up as a business partner. Yvonne had taken an absence from the business due to a serious illness the previous year and was looking for some professional advice and support.

The plan was I would work behind the scenes bringing my skills to complement Yvonne’s but very much her remaining the face of Face Up.

The next four years saw me take on another new role, that of being a mum to our two daughters. Life indeed had changed beyond recognition and was very busy!

Face Up had been established in the 1980’s and had gained an enviable reputation for high quality brands and innovative treatments. I soon realised I hadn’t lost my interest in the beauty industry and was excited by how it was changing and evolving with access to new technology and high quality products. I began to refresh my skills with lots of training and began working in the business as well as on the business.

In 2008, Yvonne retired from the business, just a matter of weeks before the financial markets and banking scandals hit the headlines and spelled the doom of recession for all. It was a time not for the faint hearted. I missed her very much but it was a time for rolling up our sleeves and getting on with it.

Despite the gloomy forecasts, we continued to grow as a business. I began reviewing every treatment and every brand we offered to make sure everything was compatible to allow us to offer results driven solutions to our clients that were unrivalled, on trend but not faddy or hyped.

I am passionate about my work, my standards and professionalism never waver but I always remember to smile and show gratitude. It is so rewarding when a client comes to see us with a particular concern that really bothers them and we can literally change their lives by restoring their confidence as we deal with the issue that has often caused such anxiety. For example, I’ve had clients who have resisted applying for promotions at work due to being self conscious about facial hair or acne. Then to see them confidently and successfully apply for the promotion and get the job, our job satisfaction really doesn’t get any better than that.

I specialise in Laser IPL hair removal and skin rejuvenation, I do a lot of work with clients that have hormonal disorders, transgender clients and clients who have had previously bad experiences with laser treatments elsewhere. Rejuvapen skin needling treatments are also a specialty but I’m also a creative facialist! Often getting all the tools available to me to create a totally bespoke treatment protocol with
amazing results for my clients. I have been called ‘Magic Hands’ on more than one occasion! The team at Face Up is, quite simply, the best…my dream team. Natalie and Tammy have been with me now for a combined 17 years! Their skills are second to none and I’m truly thankful to work with them.

Last year I had an enforced absence from the business due to surgery and the support from the team was incredible. It made me reflect on my working hours and I came to realise I could perhaps run a business alongside Face Up that enabled me to reduce my hours, that maintains my income and gives me flexibilty but one that is still related to the industry that I love. After much deliberation, I have partnered with a global direct selling skincare, health and wellness company and it is already a huge success.

It is so rewarding to mentor people as they are starting up and seeing their business grow, with my help, as well as seeing them grow with their skills and confidence. I’m always looking for like minded individuals with a desire for success, but who haven’t yet found the right business model, who I can train, mentor and get them up and running in their own enterprise. I like to think its my way of paying my success forward.

This month, I celebrate 10 years at the helm of running Face Up and we are looking forward to the future with excitement. I’m immensely proud of what I have achieved with the team but am always reviewing what we can offer.

So, in 2019, we plan to provide training courses that will be affiliated with recognised professional bodies, to create technicians and therapists that are highly skilled, hold the highest standards and have the best training to rely on when delivering first class treatments.
Keeping it the Face Up way.


Face Up for Beauty
48 Babington Lane

Tel: 01332 368195


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