We talked to Susan and James Musgrave about how their little family ran business is becoming a go to place in Matlock.

Q. How did you start up your business? What is your story?

A. At the age of thirteen James came to me (Sue) and wanted to invest some money. We sat and talked and decided to put £100 each into a business. We went out and bought £200 worth of stock and traded online. Eventually we started trading on Markets, festivals and shows. We saw the business growing and decided to find a local shop and move onto the next level. We still do regular shows.

Q. You have set up a family business, do you think this has made you a stronger team?

A. Yes, we both have different skills and strengths. I take care of accounts and bills; James looks after the stock and online side of the business.

Q. What was the hardest thing about setting up your business?

A. It was trying to take bigger steps than we should. We wanted to set up a shop within a week or two, but it just doesn’t happen like that. It was frustrating, we know where we wanted to be, but you must walk before you run. We could book the year full of shows to build up, but you just can’t book anything, and it would work

Q. Do you have favourite shows? What are they?

A. Crufts in March is good, there aren’t a lot of shows.

Q. Is that a quiet time of year?

A. No, it is quite steady all year round. Then the lead up to Christmas there are a lot of shows we do.

Q. So travelling and getting your name around the country is the next big step?

A. Oh, we already do we travel to Pembrokeshire, Devon and Southampton.

Q. So you have an established market?

A. Yes, we have customers that buy online that we will see at shows, therefore it is important to keep everything online up to date.

Q. Just for Sue, do you think it is more difficult being a businesswoman than a businessman?

A, No, not really. I think no matter who you are business is hard at some point.

Q. Do you think being a woman has hindered you?

A. I think sometimes men underestimate you.

Q. James, I know your working with your mum but is there anything annoying abut her that you can share?

A. I think it is when she says that something will sell well, but actually you really love it but it is not really for anyone else.

Q. The last question what made you decide to join the Savvy Social Family?

A. I was interested in the program that you were doing. We are local to Matlock and wanted to be involved in the community.


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