Born in Derby, Michael Moore (24) has long strived to step a foot into the world of entrepreneurship. After much planning and testing, he successfully launched MM Drum School in 2014.

Michael has not had an easy background and has had to battle numerous conditions over the years. “It takes a lot of determination and hard graft to achieve great things and I wasn’t planning to give in at any time”. After being told by career advisors not to pursue a career in the Music Industry, Michael took no notice and took the plunge to go with his true instincts. “Sometimes you have to take a risk every now and then”.

Michael has played the drum kit and djembes in various musical projects with many years’ experience on the live music scene. He has also taught the instrument since leaving school and has built up an incredible portfolio of success. Putting two and two together, he came up with the idea of setting up a Drum School.

However, MM Drum School is different and has many unique values which have driven hundreds of people across Derbyshire to access the school. Firstly, he has his own purposely built facility in Derby City Centre. Fully Soundproofed rooms, good quality equipment, built to the finest detail. Secondly, MM Drum School has its own teaching philosophy and its own carefully designed scheme of work. Their services are fully bespoke and tailored to everyone. “All teachers working for the school are trained and developed to work with my philosophy. Luckily all my staff are fantastic.”

MM Drum School has seen huge growth over the years. Michael has hired four teaching staff in 2018 alone and has invested in office staff. With over 200 customers, much investment in infrastructure has taken place. Michael’s Senior Administrator and brother Matt is constantly working hard to develop every aspect of the school. “I really enjoy working and playing a key part in helping Michael grow MM Drum School”.

After a short meeting, Michael made the decision to hire Derby punk rocker & industry experienced professional Gez Addictive to the teaching staff. Weeks later, Nick and Fraz joined on the same day and have made a huge impact from the get-go.

Due to Michael’s experience dealing with his own personal health problems he decided to build a Drum/Music Therapy Service to help people with Autism and various mental and physical health problems. This award-winning service has been recognised by people in high places and people often say they haven’t seen anything like it. It’s about using the drums, usually, a Djembe to express rhythm with various sensory lighting and calming music in place. Building coordination and calming any stress the client has in the session has long-lasting benefits.

MM Drum School has rooms to hire out and most recently a book series on Amazon. It’s an exciting project to be involved in.


MM Drum School
Creative Central
Unit 2 New Street

07538 497769

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