About Ben Edmonds: Founder of Blok Knives


Ben Edmonds originally from the West-Midlands, previously had a decade long career in Graphic Design and transferred his fastidious eye for use and function into producing remarkable hand-made kitchen knives in Derbyshire.

We asked Ben to give us an insight into Blok Knives and how it all began.

How was Blok Knives born?

I have always been fascinated by making, building and dismantling things; every now and again I would find myself watching random videos of people doing the same. After watching a video of a young lad making a knife in his dad’s garage, I found my next project.

How did your hobby develop into something bigger?

With limited tools and knowledge I set about making my first knife in my cellar at home. My first knife was made, followed by many others until I was surrounded by my new addiction. It wasn’t long before an order book formed and Blok Knives featured in the Derbyshire Times. In 2013, I found a shared creative space a few miles from my home. I set up shop and spent many late nights trying to perfect my craft. It was at this point I went part time and started to dedicate more hours to making my kitchen knives.

When did Blok Knives really begin to take off?


I made the move to a heritage converted cotton mill in Darley Abbey Mills. Taking on my first apprentice, Jack in 2015. The following years have seen others join the Blok Team; Patrick in 2016 and Alex in 2017. Blok Knives now make up to 25 knives a week.

What other projects do you take on?

As well as knives, at Blok Knives we often partake in creating other things such as tables. We have also been designing and building for the two Michelin Star Restaurant: Sat Bains with rooms since his initial order back in 2013 which was for forty custom made steak knives.

As our workshop is based in an old Cotton Mill on the World Heritage site of Darley Abbey. Our View is the river! So, we decided to build a boat! Now as exciting as this sounds it is an ongoing project due to being put on hold as we have been very busy lately.

Can you tell us about your new Bar and Restaurant: Junk?

Junk is a new Street Food restaurant and bar that I have opened up, located on the corner of Queen Street and St Mary’s Gate. I purchased the building after its former vacancy: Jack Rabbits closed down and revamped it with a modern and stunning looking interior. I have brought in Taz Edwards who runs Kerb Bears, a mobile street food business in Leicestershire. We are going for a Tapas styled menu but also offering street food from around the world. Food is served until 9pm daily and our usual opening hours are Tuesdays to Saturdays 12pm – 11pm but we are also opening on Sundays in December to help spread a little festive cheer.


What is the most popular item on Junk’s menu? (HINT: It is a chicken dish that ends with a number)

Send your contact details and your answer to: info@savvysocial.org with the Subject “JUNK COMPETITION”.

Competition ends December 31st 2018. Any entries after this date will not be taken into consideration.


Blok Knives
Unit 4a, Darley Abbey Mills,
4 Mill Cottages,
DE22 1DZ

Junk Bar & Restaurant
53-55 Queen Street,