Alongside the Derby Caribbean Carnival, they are also hosting a carnival costume competition at Derby theatre on the Saturday the 15th June 2019. The tickets are £10 and concessions are £5 for U26’s. It will start at 7pm and the doors are open at 6:30pm. Costumes from all over the East Midlands including Derby,Nottingham,Leicester and Northampton will complete to win the regional title of King, Queen and Princess. You can purchase the ticket from the Derby theatre website or by visiting the Derby Theatre in person. That is not all though, In the show, you will also see dancing from the Caribbean and hear the Steel Pan, a tradition in caribbean music. You will also hear soca. A tradition type of music from Trinidad and Tobago, which is now also infused with a lot of music all around the world. You will also see a performances from ACE Dance and music, who are a dance and music group from Birmingham that tour the world giving people taste of African  and Caribbean dance and finally there will also be a DJ giving you tracks from the Caribbean as well. This is also the 3RD time they are putting on the show so it will be a worthwhile specticle.