The Mustang Convertible:

Made for the open road

Performance and refinement personified: the Ford Mustang is available as a Fastback or Convertible,
with the option of a 2.3-litre EcoBoost or 5.0-litre V8 engine. Iconic status comes as standard.

Described by Ford Chief Designer Joel Piaskowski as a “beautiful horizontal bullet”, the Mustang Convertible is an expression of pure driving freedom. Perfectly proportioned from every angle, a flowing beltline wraps around the cabin opening to define it. An entirely new folding mechanism enables the roof to fold away in seconds, deep into the body to maintain the car’s streamline appearance and aerodynamics. A subtle ‘kick-up’ on the boot helps create down force, bringing the car’s power and torque to life through its rear-wheel drive. Roof up or roof down, the Mustang is sure to leave a lasting impression, wherever you take it.

Driving modes to suit the conditions and your needs

Behind the wheel of a Mustang, you’ve got complete control over the way the car drives and handles. At the flick of a switch, you can change between four different modes: Normal, Sport Plus, Track, and Snow/Wet. Each setting adjusts throttle response, gearshift points (on automatic transmission models), steering effort and stability control calibration. By tuning the car’s set-up to the specific demands of a situation, you can drive with confidence in them all.

Enjoy the ride

With a sub frame at its foundation, the Mustang’s stiffened body structure helps to reduce roll in corners. A carefully tuned double ball-joint front
suspension and multi-link independent rear suspension builds on this to deliver precision wheel control, sensitive steering feedback and outstanding
ride comfort.

The latest hands-free technology

Ford SYNC 3 with Voice Control and Touchscreen takes infotainment systems a step further with the addition of an 8” coloured touchscreen. This high-resolution display gives intuitive control of several key functions including phone, audio, climate control and optional navigation via voice or touch.

Effortless manoeuvring and cruising

Electric Power-Assisted Steering (EPAS) automatically adjusts to provide easier, lighter steering when you’re parking in a tight spot and firmer steering for more control on motorways. Unlike conventional power-assisted steering that operates continuously and consumes energy and fuel, our EPAS only operates when required, helping to improve fuel economy. It can also assist in compensating for drift due to road camber or crosswinds, and can help counteract any high-speed wheel imbalance.

Confidence in challenging conditions

AdvanceTrac Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is designed to give you greater control of your vehicle. Sensors constantly monitor the speed of each individual wheel, as well as the car’s direction and steering angle. ESC precisely balances braking power between each individual wheel and can also reduce power from the engine.

This helps counter understeer and oversteer, making your car more stable and easier for you to control. ESC and Traction Control can also reduce the risk of wheelspin in wet or icy conditions. Press the ESC button once to disengage Traction Control, or twice to reduce the level of assistance of ESC. Press and hold the button for more than five seconds to fully disable the ESC system. The choice is yours.

Set the rear wheels spinning with Line Lock

Electronic Line-Lock is an entirely new feature and a technology that’s unique to the Mustang. For a dramatic launch and extra traction on the track, depress the brake pedal to lock the front wheels, release it then hit the accelerator and the rear wheels will spin freely for 15 seconds (available on 5.0-litre V8 GT model on track use only).