In todays world of sport and fitness, there are no  barriers to what sports men and women participate in, and one of those sports is boxing. But if full out boxing seems to hurt just thinking about it, then Boxfit is a great way to relieve stress, get fit and much more.

Below are a few tips on the benefits Boxfit is sure to deliver with a punch!

1 Burn those calories fast

With boxing being a high intensity workout, there is no surprise that it burns through a HUGE amount of calories. In fact an hour of boxing can burn circa 350-500 calories depending on your weight and the intensity of the workout. A female boxer on a high intensity boxing workout can burn more 500 calories an hour, not bad if fat burning is your goal!

2 Total Body blast

A box-Fit session gets every muscle in the body working especially the core and the shoulders. Your Abs should feel the effects after your first few sessions! A good workout will definitely tone the major body groups, legs, arms, chest, shoulders and back will all benefit and help  build a strong core.

3 Gets you super fit

If short high intensity exercise is your thing, then  Box- Fit is a must activity for you! High intensity exercise uses oxygen fast and  means that lactic acid is produced by your body. Increasing your level of endurance means that your body will start to feel stronger with the ability to withstand fatigue.

4 Tones your Body

As with most repetitive exercise, it‘s a sure way to toning up that body without adding major muscle mass, Box-Fit gives the body just what it needs to get those muscle’s toned and defined.

5 Confidence Booster

Releasing tension after a hard day at work is a sure way to increase the level of endorphins from the body. Pad work and hitting a heavy bag does the trick, and there is no doubt that the stronger you get the more confidence you will have dealing with the stresses of everyday life!

6 Do it Anytime ! Anywhere

The best thing about Box- Fit is you can get on it any where, and at anytime that suits your lifestyle. There are lots of DVD’s on the market that will point you in the right direction.  But, we recommend there is no better way to achieve those goals and get motivated than getting down to a class where the atmosphere is buzzing and benefit from professional advice.