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These days more than ever the Kitchen is the heart of the home, this why having a kitchen that suits your lifestyle is becoming more of a “have to have” than a “nice to have”. But is the kitchen the most important room in your home?

Well depending on the size of your family, the size of your kitchen makes a huge difference to the way the room functions.

Older homes tend to have smaller kitchens and are isolated from the rest of the house set on their own, whereas modern homes have taken into account that they are the hub of the home, where family and friends may socialise while the meal is being prepared and cooked.

The kitchen of past was not always the place where the family could get together and chat about their day, mainly due to the size of the kitchen. However these days with more and more houses being designed with this taken into consideration the kitchen is becoming more important than just a place to cook but a place to congregate at the end of the day!

The social norm has seemingly shifted from what the kitchen once was to what it has become. While a lot of this as previously mentioned is down to size (a larger room usually means a larger selection of options), a lot of the shift has also come down to the fact that the kitchen has become more versatile.

Aesthetically there is a lot more you can do with a kitchen nowadays. Because of this the mind set of those designing a kitchen are more focussed on aspects of aesthetic appeal such as, the colour of the cupboard worktops, the material and feel of the worktops, the used space and how that compliments the free space in the kitchen and other creative variables.

Appliances while important, often take a back seat to the look and feel of kitchen as many kitchens are also dining areas.

With lifestyles becoming busier due to both parents working, longer hours and meeting the demand of running a modern household, the kitchen is a great place to unwind, talk to the kids or your partner, but at the same time prepare serve dinner.

As our lives have become more socially demanding we need to think about this as an important factor when buying or remodelling our home, so if you are looking to buy your first home then you may want to consider a few factors such as, family size, living arrangements and lifestyle.

Taking time to plan the layout of your kitchen is therefore a must. The colour, lighting, living space and ambience all need to be taken into account.There are services that can help provide you with either full designs or a burst of inspiration depending on how much help you require. Kitchen design is like it’s own style, it’s always evolving.

Designers and even kitchen outfitters are usually really well versed in the art of kitchen aesthetic, so if you need some guidance there are a lot of options available for you, even if that means just flicking through a catalogue for inspirations.

Your kitchen may just be the most important and expensive room in your home ! So planning and getting the right people in are a must.

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