Kerri Pratt

Is a visual artist based in the East Midlands. Specialising in Fine Art, Kerri produces art in the subject of encounters such as man-made urban and industrial spaces/places.
Her paintings are of an acrylic material and are produced to a high standard of authenticity. Moreover, they are also distinctive in terms of style. Aside from her artwork, Kerri regularly works with galleries, exhibits when she can, and additionally welcomes private commissions while also having an available selected range of limited edition prints.
Her inspirations from travel and encounters with new places she visits. She is particularly interested in the subconscious connection and relationships she makes with her chosen subject matter. She possesses the ability to pick up visual triggers that allow us to recall hidden memories deep within ourselves and additionally tap into our emotions.
Using her surroundings, she develops a curiosity for architectural spaces which, ultimately in her perspective, draws towards unusual forms, patterns, and hidden layers. Furthermore, she draws attention to the subtleties of the insignificant, those things that are usually taken for granted, overlooked, perceived as mundane and commonplace
On her official website, you’ll find descriptions of her solo and group exhibitions by year, as well as in various competitions, prizes, awards, and public collections. All of which have been collected over an approximate period of six years. The list includes places of where her work was held. There is also a dedicated blog of her art alongside her other pages where she has posted links to her paintings.
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An Insight by Ben Bramley ( If Digital Club work placement)